Flecks Synergimetod® - a unique meeting methodology that renders new attitudes

For the company/organization: 

Formula for creative and cost-effective meetings

Triad approach - to see each other as resources and not as obstacles

For the individual:  

Synergy Group - a group process that will increase your empathy and understanding of yours and others' ways of understanding and being


Formula for creative & cost-effective meetings

"With the introduction of Flecks Synergimetod®, the participants in

the management team have the opportunity to focus not only on

strategic issues, but also highlight current matters deemed as

important to discuss. Nowadays, all participate on equal

terms and it is every participant’s responsibility that

the meetings are efficient and results oriented"

Head of unit, government agency

Prolonged wordy meetings - does that sound familiar?

As a leader you prefer that your team is both creative and effective - that they take their own initiative and responsibilities, which contributes to the growth of the business. Flecks Synergimetod® offer a changed meeting culture, which in turn paves the way for renewal of both the business and working environment that leads to high performance teams and satisfied employees.

With Flecks Synergimetod® you conduct meetings where there is a passion for participation. They are enjoyable, dynamic, meaningful and at the same time shorter and more effective.

Triad approach - experience each other as a resource and not an obstacle

"The staff has evolved to take responsibility and coach each other

just as well as managers coach the staff. We also learned the

joys of coaching our clients and partners"

Head of department, consultancy agency

An important purpose of such a grouping is having the opportunity to expand their interpersonal connections and create greater understanding, interest and involvement in their respective responsibilities.

The overall objective of a triad is to refine the work process and enhance the business value proposition by helping each other to focus on the company’s/organization's core issues, and to deliver increased customer value.

Synergy group - everyone is responsible that the process leads to results 

"The Synergy group has been an oasis where I as self-employed, has had the opportunity to meet other people who reflected my thoughts and ideas

 which has in turn helped me to further develop my own business"

Self-employed, consultancy firm

In short, the Synergy Group aims at highlighting relevant issues (professional and/or personal) among a handful of participants from differing work and social environments. Flecks Synergimetod® is the tool to achieve this.

Here you also train your "response-ability”. In short, this means that everyone takes responsibility for both the meeting content and the process that leads to results. The key to success is that everyone "owns the process".

Does this sound difficult? The method is simple and powerful and can readily be applied to the participants' daily lives.